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New to Online Auctions?

Don't worry, we'll walk you through the process.

Our online auction is generously hosted by Shafer Auction Co Ltd


  • We'll start by going to Shafer Auction's online catalog by clicking this link: 
    2021 Joseph Brant Hospital Online Auction.
    This will take you to the online catalog for our auction where you can see each item being sold. There will be a picture and a description of the item.
    Clicking the item's picture will show further details about the item.

  • To start the bidding process click the Bid button. (NOTE: This is only available when the auction is open. Otherwise you can use the Watch (Star) button)

  • This should bring up a Login/Register screen. 

    Please fill in all fields in the registration process.

    You will need a credit card to complete the process. Make sure that the name and address you register with match those used for the credit card.

    Also make sure to use a current email address. Our system will use this for all communications.

  • Log On to the HiBid system using the username and password you just created. 

    (NOTE: You can use this login information for any online auctions from  Shafer Auction Co Ltd)

  • NOTE: You are registering with Hibid to participate in this auction. This is separate from our mailing list or contact us forms.

Before you Bid

  • Please review the Auction Notice about pickup times.  These times are rigid and must be adhered to. Be sure you can come at the posted times before you bid.  For our auction pickup is Wednesday Sept 29 , from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm at at the Fairwood Center, Unit 2 - 3350 Fairview Street, Burlington, ON L7N 3L5

  • All items are sold 'As Is' and there are no refunds.



  • To bid on an item now that you're registered and logged in, simply click the Bid button under the item you're interested in.

  • Either select the next bid amount or enter a higher amount and confirm your bid.

  • When you bid you will either be told "you are winning" or you'll be asked for another bid.


Max Bid

  • If you have a maximum purchase prices that you want to pay for an item, you can use the Max Bid feature. 

  • Each time you bid, you will see a Your Max Bid field. Enter that maximum value here and the system will automatically bid for you up to that value. 

  • If there are no other bids, the amount will not advance from your last bid.

  • If someone has entered a high max bid you will see that you have been out bid right away.

Coming to a Close 

  • It is common for a lot of bidding to happen during the last couple hours of an online auction.

  • We use a "Soft Close" system. Soft close means that when a bid comes in within the last 2 minutes of the item close, the item close will be extended by 2 more minutes so that all bidders have equal chance.

  • In the final minutes of the auction the screen will go into a live countdown.

After the Auction Ends

  • When the Auction concludes the display will say "you may have won" on the items you bid on

  • When the system finishes the auction it will calculate all the winning bids and send out an invoice to the email you providing during registration.


Other Pieces of Advice

  • Through the early stages of the auction you must update (refresh) your screen to keep up with the bidding.

  • Have Fun!


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