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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives we are investigating how to hold our Fall 2020 action safely. Please sign up here to be notified about auction updates.


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As always, thank you to our generous sponsors for the amazing donations we received this year. 


If you have items you wish to donate for future auctions (Spring 2021 or beyond) please visit our donations page.


Experience our live auctions of antiques and collectibles

An exciting event supporting Joseph Brant Hospital


This is a win-win-win opportunity! 


Bidders - go home with antiques, vintage items and sought-after collectibles: jewelry, art, china, crystal, figurines, furniture and much more


Donors - give valuable items as they downsize and receive a tax receipt at fair market value


Joseph Brant Hospital - receives funds to buy much needed medical equipment and generates excitement in the community

 “Today, antiques are for everyone. People will use antiques in unexpected ways and unexpected places – from chandeliers in the bathroom to 18thcentury mirrors in the kitchen.  As the green movement becomes de rigueur, re-purposing and re-using remains en vogue.  Antiques are green, and as millennials catch the wave of this realisation, I predict by the 2020s, antiques will become the next ‘Ikea’ – aka the go-to choice for the first homeowners decorating their space.” 

- Toma Clark Haines, CEO of The Antiques Diva & Co.


The only rule is that all rules are off. We buy antiques today because they appeal immediately to our eyes and hearts, and then they enrich our minds. There’s also a rise in interest in pieces that show the hand of the craftsman, a sparkling cut glass vase, or a wonderfully weathered piece of folk art.  Our eyes have been assailed for too long with mass-produced, machine-made rubbish lacking in soul!

- Mark Hill, BBC’s Antiques Roadshow


Our Antique and Collectible Auctions are exciting and successful fundraisers for the Auxiliary. We’ve built a large following and raised almost $1,000,000 since Bryan Dodd offered to lead a group of volunteers in 1997. 


This team of professional appraisers and dedicated team members work throughout the year to manage two events annually. Our reputation is well known for the quality of the items, the top-notch organization and the convenient venue. 


Since 1959, the Auxiliary to Joseph Brant Hospital has been dedicated to helping patients and raising funds to support the ongoing development of the hospital. In 2012, the Auxiliary pledged to raise $5 million to support the hospital’s redevelopment and expansion project. The auctions help the Auxiliary meet this pledge annually.


We invite you to help us meet this goal by attending our auctions and bidding on items. Come and bring your friends to enjoy a fun day and go home with new treasures!


Joseph Brant Hospital Auxiliary

1245 Lakeshore Rd.,

Burlington, ON L7S 0A2

905-632-3737 ext. 4102

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Please visit the Joseph Brant Hospital website for more information

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