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25 Years of Results

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our actions over the years a special thanks to all of our sponsors.

The success of the auction in achieving our fundraising goals is accomplished because of you. 

Over 25 years our auctions have raised over $1,100,000!

Auction proceeds have purchased:
Surgical Lights for the Operating Rooms
Ultrasound for ICU and Surgical Headlights
Emergency Dept. Management System
10 Specialty Stretchers for Emergency Unit
Patient Monitors for ER, ICU and ORs
ICU Transport Monitor
5 SW Telemetry packs
5 WS Vital Signs Monitors
New cancer Clinic: Pain Medication Pumps, Chemotherapy Chairs, Patient Care units
Critical Needs Campaign: Pediatric Scale, MDU & Radiology, (GTX) Multi Storage
And contributed to:
Bring Dialysis to Burlington Campaign
Build The Bus Campaign
JBH Redevelopment Fund

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