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Experience our live auctions of antiques and collectibles

An exciting event supporting Joseph Brant Hospital


This is a win-win-win opportunity! 


Bidders - go home with antiques, vintage items and sought-after collectibles: jewelry, art, china, crystal, figurines, furniture and much more


Donors - give valuable items as they downsize and receive a tax receipt at fair market value


Joseph Brant Hospital - receives funds to buy much needed medical equipment and generates excitement in the community

 “Today, antiques are for everyone. People will use antiques in unexpected ways and unexpected places – from chandeliers in the bathroom to 18thcentury mirrors in the kitchen.  As the green movement becomes de rigueur, re-purposing and re-using remains en vogue.  Antiques are green, and as millennials catch the wave of this realisation, I predict by the 2020s, antiques will become the next ‘Ikea’ – aka the go-to choice for the first homeowners decorating their space.” 

- Toma Clark Haines, CEO of The Antiques Diva & Co.


The only rule is that all rules are off. We buy antiques today because they appeal immediately to our eyes and hearts, and then they enrich our minds. There’s also a rise in interest in pieces that show the hand of the craftsman, a sparkling cut glass vase, or a wonderfully weathered piece of folk art.  Our eyes have been assailed for too long with mass-produced, machine-made rubbish lacking in soul!

- Mark Hill, BBC’s Antiques Roadshow

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